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Frame It Yourself Kit

What Does It Include?

Each Frame It Yourself Kit comes with:

  • 4 quality gallery wrap stretcher bars
  • Metal wire and frame hooks (already attached)
  • Wall hook
  • Instructions on how to create your own frame 
  • (Picture)

Why Get A Frame It Yourself Kit?

A Frame It Yourself Kit provides convenience and cost savings.

When your painting is shipped with a Frame It Yourself Kit, you no longer need to send your painting to a frame shop to get it framed. You can easily put the frame together and hang your artwork immediately after you are done - It's that easy.

Save yourself the hassle and costs of getting your painting framed elsewhere.

Getting a Frame it Yourself Kit also allows you to ship a painting with a frame in the most cost effective manner possible. Helping you save money.


How To Get It?

A Frame it Yourself Kit is currently available for all Popular Trend and Limited Series paintings. Simply select the "With Frame" on the painting page (Picture) and you're done.

We may introduce Frame It Yourself Kits for Original Masterpieces and Me-Art in the near future. Your thoughts and feedback can influence our decision to do so. Let us know at