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How We Do

We understand the difficulty of trying to get good looking, good quality hand painted art pieces because we went through it ourselves! So how did we manage to keep the authenticity of hand painted art work and yet made buying art an affordable and straightforward process?

We obsessed over 2 main factors which we discovered was most important to us as casual art consumers: Overall Cost and Ease of Shipping. These were primary concerns at the top of our minds followed by other factors like exclusivity, our connection with the art, the colours, the artist, so on and so forth. Hey, we're practical folks!

With that, we carved out our 2 key objectives when creating products for our customers:

  1. Drive down the costs of producing good quality, hand painted contemporary art, and,
  2. Making these art pieces easy to ship and readily available for anyone in the world to enjoy.

We have to be honest, it was not an easy journey. We faced many roadblocks and were forced to continuously find a way to produce a feasible product while ensuring the product was easy to ship and its cost, sensible. One example was when we discovered that even though our art pieces could be produced and sold at prices that we felt was awesome for consumers, shipping it out was such an expensive task. We were seriously stuck - We could not give our customers what we promised and the situation placed our concept in serious doubt.

Thankfully, we did not give up.

Sometimes it is these roadblocks that allow us to create something of greater value than we initially intended.  We reimagined how an art piece could be transported and reworked the whole supply chain and logistics process to determine how we could achieve the lowest shipping cost possible while giving each customer the quality and convenience we promise.

Thus, the Frame It Yourself product was born. We bundle most Limited Series art pieces with a Frame It Yourself Kit and it costs a fraction to ship when compared to regular framed art pieces. Not only could we offer a low cost shipping solution, we could offer customers the convenience and involvement of putting together their own frame themselves (it's super duper easy too!).

So if customers ordered their art piece with the Frame it Yourself package, they could get a complete art piece and hang it without any additional fuss or costs.

It was a solution we were proud of - Not only do customers enjoy the thrill and cost savings from putting an art piece together, it was the most economical way to ship!.

Frame It Yourself is just one example of how we were able to keep our promise and truly make our Art For All to enjoy.

Our team continuously re-think and re-imagine the possibilities of what we could do to achieve our mission and bring our customers greater cost savings and convenience. 

As we are only getting started in our journey, there are many things we are learning each day. We strongly feel that the best feedback would come from our customers, you!.

If you have a suggestion on how we could improve anything at all, or if you have a question about a product or our offering, please feel free to reach us at We would love to hear what you have to say!. 

With your help, we could learn and do better to truly make Art For All.

Thank You

Art Access Asia Team