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Get Unlimited Shopping Vouchers For You And Your Friends!

Limited Time Unlimited Vouchers.. Get it?

Why spend on marketing when we can spend those dollars on our customers each time they support us? :)

For a limited time only, Art Access Asia will be giving out shopping vouchers for you and your friends to enjoy on an unlimited basis!

How It Works

We will be rewarding you with a $5 Art Access Asia shopping voucher each time someone you refer buys an art piece.

On top of that, the person you refer gets a $5 discount on each art piece they buy as long as they use your referral code.

Yes, you both get perks from each painting bought.

Shopping vouchers can be accumulated and all vouchers can be used in a single purchase. Shopping vouchers are transferable too.

An Example

You give 10 of your friends your referral code and they each buy 2 paintings. During checkout, your friends used your referral code. 

Each of your 10 friends get $10 in total discounts and you earn $100 in shopping vouchers.

You can repeat this as many times as you want, as long as your referral code is used at check out.

Earn thousands of dollars in shopping vouchers? Sure, why not?

    How to Use Or Redeem Referral Vouchers

    Simply contact us at and tell us:

    • Your account e-mail address
    • Your referral code
    • Tell us what you'd like to do with your Referral Vouchers (redeem/gift it) etc.
    At any time, you can check with us to see how much Referral Vouchers you have.