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Purchase With Confidence

Purchase with confidence art access asia

We want to ensure that all our customers can purchase our art pieces with utmost confidence and It is also equally important to us that each purchase our customers make are backed up by industry leading shipping and return policies. If something goes wrong with your purchase or if you had a change of heart, we want to make sure that there is an available recourse for you that's fuss free and straight forward.

Please find the following applicable policies we have in place. Please refer to the collection page (Open Edition PrintsMe-Art and Hand Painted) to see which of these policies apply.

Paintings are 100% Hand Painted 

100% hand painted


This image represents that the painting in the product or collection page is 100% hand painted by an artist. No machine or printers were used in the production process of the painting. The 100% Hand Painted policy is currently applicable to the Hand-Painted collection only.


Free shipping on all orders 

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping on all orders. This policy is limited to customers located in Singapore only. Although we can ship internationally, separate shipping charges shall apply. Chat with us (click the Facebook messenger icon at the bottom right of your screen) to find out more if you'd like an art work shipped to your country.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money Back 

The 30 day money back guarantee policy applies only to the Hand-Painted collection.

For whatever reason, you can return your paintings to us within 30 days after physically receiving your art piece. We will pay for your return postage too**.

To qualify for our 30 day money back guarantee, the art piece must be in the same condition when it is shipped to you and the original packaging materials should be used when re-packaging the art piece for return. If you have damaged or misplaced the original packaging materials, you would be required to get the same or equivalent packaging materials before the art piece can be returned to us.

To start your return process, simply chat with us or email to

**Free postage returns are applicable to customers located in Singapore only. Customers from other countries are required to arrange their returns. Customers from other countries can only qualify for free return postage if the artwork they received has been damaged during delivery. If this happens, click here to learn more about our return policy on damaged artworks.

Featured Art Pieces Are Exclusive to Art Access Asia Only And Is Shipped With A Signed & Sealed Certificate Of Authenticity

Exclusive images      Signed & Sealed Certificate of Authenticity


The arrangement we have with our artists featured in the Hand Painted collection allows us to curate or produce art pieces that are exclusive to Art Access Asia only. These agreements help us ensure that our art pieces, painted by our artists are not to be found or sold elsewhere. This is why each painting purchased is shipped with a signed and sealed certificate of authenticity.

In the extremely rare event that the Hand Painted collection painting you bought is sold elsewhere, we will offer a full refund with return postage included (free return postage applicable to Singapore customers only). 

Please note that this policy is not an insurance against copies of our artwork created by other persons. 

Postage Paid Returns

Postage Paid Returns

Art Access Asia will provide postage paid returns for all Hand Painted purchases. This policy to customers in Singapore only.

25 Years color Guarantee 

We guarantee our prints against discolouration for a minimum of 25 years for all Open Edition prints.