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Why We Do

The team at Art Access Asia is made up of consumers, who like you, wanted to get art to decorate their home. We discovered it was not as easy as we thought it would be.

You see, we liked the soul, passion and uniqueness that came with a contemporary painting which was hand painted. But almost everywhere we looked, pieces we liked were either too expensive, did not ship to our country or if it did, was crazy expensive. Sometimes, pieces we liked are just machine printed copies sold with little regard for copyright laws.

We unknowingly bought a machine printed art piece online because the sellers was not honest with the description of their product. Imagine how frustrated we were, expecting to receive a hand painted oil painting which turned out to be machine printed after waiting 3 months to ship! (it was expensive for a machine printed copy too!). 

So, we tried to figure out why the market could not offer us a solution that we wanted - A sensibly priced, hand painted art that was easily available and easy to purchase. Thus, Art Access Asia was created and our mission : making Art For All was born.

Everyone should be able to enjoy and own hand made art pieces that looks good, is of good quality, simple to buy and most of all, well priced.

Guided by out mission, our team continuously re-think and re-imagine the possibilities of what we could do to achieve our mission and bring our customers greater cost savings and convenience. 

As we are only getting started in our journey, there are many things we are starting to learn. We strongly feel that the best feedback would come from our customers, you!.

If you have a suggestion on how we could improve (anything!) or if you have a question about a product or our offering, please feel free to reach us at We would love to hear what you have to say!. With your help, we could learn and do better to truly make Art For All.

Thank You

Art Access Asia Team