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About The Art Piece

Athletic, fast, focused.

This piece honours the magnificent cat in Wahyu R.'s art. The cheetah, known for its tremendous running speed is shown here with its intense, focused look.

About The Artist

Wahyu R

Wahyu is a young and emerging digital artist from Central Java, Indonesia.

His love for all animals and colours inspired him to blend the two together and produce the art you see today. His methods and technique are entirely self taught. He has practised his art for almost a decade and produced many commissioned pieces for clients in the US, UK, Brazil, China, Spain and other parts of the world.

His work is easily recognised in the streets of Bali. Many art shops there copied Wahyu's art work for years without Wahyu ever knowing. Although many of these shops tout those works as their 'original' art pieces, their customers never knew of the man behind the original artwork.

This time round, through our collaboration, the artistic credit is due to the rightful artist.

Shipped Contents

Each art piece comes with all the items mentioned in the image below.

Shipping Contents

Canvas & Ink

Each art piece is printed on rich, artist grade, 280gsm cotton blended canvas. Only archival grade pigment ink is used to bring out bright, accurate and lasting colours on all our art pieces.

Canvas Close Up

Magnetic Frame

Our minimalist and stylish magnetic frames are made of Brazilian White Wood, coupled with strong Neodymium magnets.

Frame And Magnet And Canvas


Each art piece is accompanied by an accessory pouch containing 4 3M Foam Tapes, 2 Screws and 2 Wall plugs.

Mounting Accessories

Easy To Mount

Mounting your art piece with our magnetic frame is easy and can be done in under 3 minutes. 

Place Double Sided Tape On Back Of Frame

 Double Sided Tape on Frame

Place Canvas In Frame

Clip Canvas

Mount Top Of Frame on Wall

Mount the top

Straighten Canvas & Mount Bottom Of Frame

Mount Bottom

For Added Support, Use Screws And Wall Plugs Provided

Screw on Wall

    Multiple Sizes

    Portrait illustration 

    Our art pieces fit most walls and are available in the following sizes.

    • 70cm x 88cm
    • 50cm x 70cm
    • 40cm x 50cm

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